BA (Hons) Fine Artist







About the Artist

Slide through my new tailored body of work, designed to help lift the soul. The main focus of which being abstract musings inspired by water and iridescency; tricks of light and atmospheric tonal blends...
Being born and raised in the heathered Yorkshire Dales and majestic Lake District, nature and wonder consumed my imagination and thus nurtured hungry curiosity of how to capture fragments of essences of my surroundings within my work. The mood and atmosphere of the temperamental weather, spell bounding to witness builds on a child’s empathy level, thus promotes a desire to evoke some sort of ‘awakening’ or at least an emotive connection of something deeper than just a superficial consciousness.
Each piece’s birth prompted by an emotion, a need for release so...
If anything, I hope that my work, or at least a facet of it, makes you feel something.







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